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No One Wants to Sell Her a Mower?

A few months back there was an article written on Rural Lifestyle Dealer by Lynn Marcinkowski Woolf regarding her struggles with purchasing a new Zero Turn Mower. She really had no trouble deciding on which mower to purchase. She did her due diligence and knew what brand and deck size she wanted. She states the issue she ran into was not seeing any local advertising from the OPE dealers in her area for ZTRs. She says she had seen no direct mail, heard no radio ads, scrolled past no sponsored ads on Facebook, or seen no real effort by any local dealer to draw in her business.

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The point of the article was that her local dealers were not attempting to market their Zero Turn Mowers. While her point of view is understandable, the conversation gets interesting once you scroll down to the comments. Several OPE dealers responded to the article. Most tried to explain exactly why you don’t see many OPE dealers marketing and advertising their ZTR offerings. Some of the comments include:

  • Lower margins on Zero Turn Mowers
  • Lack of marketing support from manufacturers
  • Lower price point than other equipment offered
  • Too many brands to focus on
  • Lack of employees to handle marketing duties
  • Marketing/Advertising is not cost effective
  • Lack of marketing knowledge

All of these points are valid concerns in the ZTR industry. Thankfully, there are ways to market and advertise your Zero Turn Mower offerings in a cost effective way with minimal effort from anyone at the dealership. By taking advantage of your co-op dollars provided by your manufacturers you can create a marketing and advertising strategy that will help you move more mowers through your storefront. You are building your co-op balance with every mower you sell. There is no more effective way to use them than with a well planned marketing and advertising strategy. Click here to sign up for your FREE Digital Assessment and let us help you build the perfect strategy for your dealership.

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