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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Digital Agency

No matter what your goals are we can provide the tools to help your dealership reach them. From general brand awareness to complex analytics and sales conversions, Dealer Genius is ready to partner with you to create the perfect marketing package to meet your needs. We are ready to help you make the most of your co-op dollars by creating targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

Social Media​​

Social Media is the new king of marketing and advertising. Let us show you how to make it work for you.

Content Creation

Your marketing is only as good as your content. We can help you create the effective content you need.


Data driven advertising can take your business to new heights with optimized, well-budgeted, co-op eligible ads.

Graphic Design​​

Digital media, from logos to social media graphics, help build your brand into a recognizable entity.


Knowing your audience and how to reach them effectively is an important step to optimizing your advertising and co-op dollars.

Strategy Building

We will help you build a marketing strategy focused on your specific goals and needs.

Engage with your customers

Social Media

Social media is the most powerful, and affordable, tool you have for growing your business. Your customers are already there. You just need an engaging platform to interact with them on. While Facebook is the largest platform in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry, Instagram is coming up strong. When you add in the capabilities of YouTube you can build an incredible social media presence for your dealership.

It's all about the visuals

Content Creation

What good is having a social media platform if you don’t have good content to post? We have years of experience in creating engaging content for OPE dealers. In addition, we can work with the content your manufacturers provide to optimize it for your own brand.

target your market

Social media Advertising

There is no more cost effective way to advertise these days than with Social Media. Dollar for dollar you will reach more of your target audience on social media than through any other form of media. By using your co-op dollars you can create much more advertising value than you ever thought possible! We have the tools and experience to narrow your audience to provide the most conversions possible for the least amount of money. From Facebook and Instagram ads to YouTube Pre-Roll to Google Ads, we can create the perfect advertising plan for your dealership.

Visual Concepts for your brand

graphic design

The first thing most potential customers will notice about your brand is your logo and graphics. Whether it is your Facebook profile photo, an advertisement, or your building sign. First impressions are important. We can take your existing branding and incorporate it into your marketing and advertising. If your logo and branding aren’t really drawing customers in, we can help with that too! We can create custom graphics for any of your marketing and advertising needs.

Get to know your audience


It doesn’t matter how engaging your content is if it isn’t reaching the right audience. Creating the perfect audience for your ads is the best way to control how much you’re spending to reach the right people. With a well researched audience you can get your products in front of people that are ready to buy. And those conversions are the reason you advertise in the first place. In addition to advertising, demographic research is a great help in expanding your following on social media. Our industry experience gives us a huge advantage in knowing the exact market you are trying to reach. We can help you build those audiences to reach your target market.

it all starts with a plan

Strategy Building

Having a well thought out strategy will not only make your marketing and advertising more effective, it will make it cheaper as well. Getting your products in front of people that are ready to buy is the goal. Knowing your market and having the right content is the way you get there. After performing our free digital assessment we will work with you to learn what your goals are and build a strategy to help you get there.

Have more questions?

Ask Us Anything

There isn’t one product that checks all the boxes. We have found that a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is the best strategy in the OPE industry.

While all platforms have their uses we have found that your time is best spent focusing on the most efficient platforms for the industry. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have proven to be the leaders in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry. That may change in the future as other platforms continue to grow. And when it does, we will be there to help you explore those new opportunities.

Absolutely! We have years of experience leveraging manufacturer Co-Op dollars into effective marketing and advertising. We will work with you, or directly with your manufacturers, to make sure we are getting the most out of every dollar you spend. Co-Op is a great way to lower your overall marketing and advertising budget while still making the impact you need.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising is the fastest way to grow a following as well as converting sales. With the right content and advertising strategy you will see an increase in your customer base and sales.

Not entirely. But it isn’t as effective as it once was. While the morning paper is still a part of many people’s lives, most content is consumed digitally. There are still key print strategies available and we can help with those as well!

If you are new to social media, the best advice we can give is to not be intimidated by it. There are a lot of buzzwords and articles diving deep into topics like SEO, Analytics, Sales Funnels, CPM, etc. These can be intimidating for someone that has no experience with marketing or advertising. Luckily, we do! We can break down these concepts and answer any questions you have. We aren’t just here to sell you a service. We are here to partner with you to help your business grow!

Yes we do! We can offer much more than social media marketing and advertising. We have years of experience in Print, Radio, TV, Mass Mailing, and many other forms of advertising. We have been in the OPE industry for years and know the market well. Our experience is available to you in any way we can help.

There are a lot of agencies out there that will try to charge you a huge up front cost every month that includes a lot of services you may not even need. We understand that this isn’t feasible for some people. So we created a payment structure that is affordable and allows you to only pay for the services you want and need. We have a base monthly Agency Fee and then allow you to pick and choose what other services you want. Our goal is to help you grow your business and be successful in a cost-effective way. Our unique pricing structure and use of your Co-Op dollars allows us to provide you with a level of marketing and advertising services that you may not have thought was possible.



With our free digital assessment we will look at the current state of your social media marketing and advertising and discuss your needs and goals. We will then work with you to build the best possible package for your budget.